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Lets Take Back the 97th District! 

    1. Vote - I need your vote August 7th, so make sure you make it to the polls and that you are registered to vote.

   2.  Volunteer - My election is a team effort. I would not be here without our fantastic volunteers and I invite you to join the team.

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   4.  Donate - If you have the means, please consider supporting the campaign financially. Our competitors will be spending heavily to defeat us and money fuels our ability to communicate.


Why I am Running for State Representative

Now more than ever we need proven conservatives who can walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Like many conservatives across Missouri, I watched with disappointment in February when a special election put our district in Democratic hands for the first time in a decade. Friends and neighbors approached me about running because they want to see the strongest voice for our community in office in January.

Because of my experience as an elected representative and my concern for our state’s future, I have decided to run for State Representative in the 97th District. My husband, Chris and I came to this decision because we believe it's important to our children's future that Missouri remain a great place to live, work, and raise a family.  

If we elect more principled people of integrity to serve in Jefferson City, our state will flourish economically and we can have leaders whom our children can admire as role models. Together, we can win this election and I can help bring some common sense to Missouri government. 

Legislative Priorities

PROTECT OUR RIGHTS - Protect the rights of Missourians, including the right to life.

HELP GROW THE LOCAL ECONOMY - Help the private sector add good paying jobs to our community.

INVESTING IN OUR SCHOOLS - Quality schools create good citizens, stable jobs and thriving communities. I will fight to ensure every child can access a world class education in a safe environment. 

Thank you for your support, and your vote on November 6th!
— Mary Elizabeth